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Protect Your Asphalt Investment

Your asphalt is a big investment – and one worth protecting.  A simple program of regular maintenance will add years to the life of your asphalt.  It will also provide a clean, like-new appearance to your property.

Quality Work Since 1978

Over the past three decades, Gopher State Sealcoat, Inc., has built a solid reputation for providing quality work at a fair price.  We are locally owned and operated, and offer a variety of asphalt maintenance services.  Our products meet or exceed all applicable state and federal specifications. If you need Specification Sheets, contact us and we’ll gladly provide them.


Sealcoating helps protect asphalt pavement from external factors that weaken and damage it – such as sunlight UV radiation and moisture penetration.  We offer an environmentally-friendly asphalt emulsion sealcoat to help extend the life of your pavement.  Of all the asphalt emulsion sealers offered in Minnesota, we use only one that has proven to be durable and long-lasting. Our sealcoat has specialized polymers hot-blended into the mix at the plant to increase both the elasticity and life-span of the sealer. Our supplier, StarSeal of Savage, has spec sheets available for all of their products. If you need any information on the sealcoat we use, just ask!

Routing and Hot Crack Sealing

Routing and hot crack sealing are two of the most important parts of your asphalt maintenance program.  As water enters the asphalt’s base layer, deterioration begins and potholes will form.  The freeze/thaw cycle compounds this problem.   Crack sealing, done early and properly, will stop water from penetrating into the base layer.  It also allows for expansion and contraction as the pavement moves.

The process is actually quite simple.

First routing a crack that is 1/4″ or larger creates a clean-cut reservoir to ensure the proper amount of sealant is applied in the crack.  Then the crack is cleaned out with high pressure air to ensure adherence between and pavement and the crack sealant.  Gopher State Sealcoat uses Mn/DOT Spec 3723 rubber sealants.  The application of the sealant depends on the particular commercial project – either a bander or a melter wand will be used. Now once the hot crack sealer cools, it may naturally settle.  Over time, cracks may need to be touched up.  However, routed cracks cannot be routed again – only refilled. So, make sure that the cracks in your asphalt are repaired properly the first time with this method.

Additional Services

We also provide asphalt repair, sweeping and striping.  Contact us to discuss your pavement project.

Service Area

Our service area includes the seven county Metropolitan area and beyond. Just in the last year, our projects have taken us to St. Cloud, Spicer, Mankato, Rochester, and other cities and townships in between.